Assistant Doll Alicia Amira Pleasure Danny

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Assistant Doll Alicia Amira Pleasure Danny. Danny D stumbles upon a new product in brazzers company, an assistant doll for house chores. He shows this to his wife and she accepts to buy one. The best thing about this doll is personalisation option. Danny designs her a complete bimbo, big fake tits, big butts and a character for a slut. The doll named Alicia gets delivered next day. Danny and his wife opens it and impress by the look of lively doll. She immediately starts to cleaning in the house but soon, she takes off her clothes and stays in white stockings and pink lingerie. Danny catches her masturbating in the living room. This slutty blonde doll wants his cock and Danny wants to give her. He pulls out and gets an amazing blowjob than a very good tit fuck before he nails her shaved pussy till the facial.

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